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Wentworth Pass walking track view

18 Best Blue Mountains Walks and Hikes

There’s something innately grounding about hitting a Blue Mountains walking trail. Located just a stones throw away from Sydney, the spectacular Blue Mountains are known to have some of the best bush and walking tracks and trails in NSW and arguably Australia. All filled with amazing rainforests and bushlands, natural rock formations and spectacular water falls and creeks as well as extraordinary wildlife. And with lots of lookout points with panoramic views, whats not to love about the Blue Mountains.

If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend of exploring or just a fun day out for the family, then take a look at our list of the best Blue Mountains walks and hikes that you should definitely give a go. Just a reminder to always bring enough water, some snacks and wear comfortable clothes and most importantly have fun and enjoy the trails and tacks.

Three Sisters Walk lookout

1. Three Sisters Walk

The Three Sisters Walk is most arguably one of the most famous walking tracks in the Blue Mountains. The Track is short compared to others, however, there are many things to see most importantly the Three Sisters. The legend of the three sisters is well known by many. The Three Sisters are drawing card for people who love to go for nature walks, the track does get quite crowded so it is recommended to go there early.

Distance: 1 km
Difficulty: Easy

Three Sisters Walk

Grand Canyon Walking Track

2. Grand Canyon Walking Track

The Grand Canyon Walking Track is one of the oldest walking tracks in the Blue Mountains, it was officially opened in 1907. This historic track passes through the lush rainforest as well as through several creek crossings, small waterfalls, huge sandstone walls and amazing rock overhangs. This is one of the most impressive and enjoyable hikes on offer in the Blue Mountains.

Distance: 6.3 Km
Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Grand Canyon Walking Trail

Round Walking Track view

3. Round Walking Track 

The round walking track is a short yet spectacular track. The loop offers spectacular vistas and waterfalls as well as iconic views that highlight the dramatic beauty of the Katoomba escarpment. When walking the track keep an eye and ear out to spot flocks of rosellas and lorikeets through the rainforest. Follow the track to Vanimans lookout where you’ll have unsurpassed views of The Three Sisters and Katoomba Falls.

Distance: 1.2 Km
Difficulty: Medium

Round Walking Track

Wentworth Pass walking track view

4. Wentworth Pass Loop 

Wentworth Pass loop is a challenging walk that offers some rewards for those who give it a go. The walking track passes through a section of the Valley of the Waters and continues through several creek crossings and small waterfalls. From there you climb up the Slack Stairs, then the Grand Stairway which leads to the top of the waterfall giving you some amazing views.

Distance: 5 km
Difficulty: Hard

Wentworth Pass Loop

South Lawson Waterfall Circular Walking Track

5. South Lawson Waterfall Circular

The South Lawson Waterfall Track is a quiet and scenic track that is easy to follow. It is a favourite for bushwalkers as it is a well-formed track so it’s good for families, plus it is a dog-friendly track too. The circuit trail takes you through a thriving bushland to see four waterfalls known as Adelina Falls, sand lined Federal Falls, Cataract Falls and Junction Falls.

Distance: 3.5 Km
Difficulty: Easy

South Lawson Waterfall

South Lawson Waterfall Circular Walking Track view

6. Mount Banks Summit Walk

The Mount Banks Summit Walk is arguably one of the most distinctive and picturesque hiking tracks here. The summit of Mt Banks offers beautiful views of the surrounding areas as you follow the cliff edge all the way to the top of the summit. The unique basalt cap on show here is home to a tall forest of monkey gums and you’ll be able to see the immense beauty of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. One thing to keep in mind is that the summit is unfenced, so please take care and supervise children at all times.

Distance: 2.4 Km
Difficulty: Medium

Mount Banks Summit Walk

Dardenelles Pass Loop Walking Track lookout

7. Dardenelles Pass Loop

The Dardenelles Pass Loop is a historic track. This walk is challenging and adventurous and offers an amazing bushwalk that features scenic waterfalls, panoramic valley views, lush rainforest and steep climbing. This walk is not for the faint-hearted as the notorious Giant Stairway which consists of more than 900 steps, but the view from the top of the stairway is worth the steep climb.

Distance: 5 Km
Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Dardanelles Pass Loop

Charles Darwin Walk view

8. Charles Darwin Walk

Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin the famous naturalist, who walked this very track in 1836. The Charles Darwin Walk is a favourite for many walkers as there are beautiful waterfalls along the track, pretty birds to look out for like honeyeaters, shrub wrens, and the raucous black cockatoos. Along the track keep an eye out for Jamison Creek’s rock pools and surrounded by lush open forest, shrubs and hanging swamps.

Distance: 2.4 Km
Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Charles Darwin Walk

Blue mountains pool of siloam

9. Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is a short looped track filled with towering tree ferns and caves, further down the track you’ll find a lovely waterhole and waterfall. This waterfall is surrounded by moss and a fern-filled gully with sandstone cliffs around the edges. The shallow waterhole is a great spot to stop for a snack or break, the track continues as it crosses the creek using a bridge in front of the waterfall.

Distance: 1.7 km
Difficulty: Medium

Pool of Siloam

Ruined Castle Walk view

10. Ruined Castle Walk

The Ruined Castle Walk is one of the many spectacular tracks in the Blue Mountains World Heritage area. As you follow the track you are treated to the lush rainforest with towering coachwood and sassafras, as well as the historic mining route with tumbled ruins of miners cottages, embankments and cuttings. Then you get to climb one of the most recognisable landmarks in the valley. The Ruined Castle is a beautiful rock formation that offers great views over the valley.

Distance: 8 km
Difficulty: Medium / Hard

Ruined Castle Walk

Fairfax Heritage Walking Track view

11. Fairfax Heritage Walking Track

Fairfax Heritage Walking Track is a favourite among many families and bush walkers for its gentle and wheelchair-accessible trail. The track is filled with a forest of peppermint and scribbly gums dotted with grass trees. Further down the track, you can see the unique hanging swamp, diverse vegetation and scenic lookouts with waterfall views. There are picnic shelters at both lookouts on this walking track for those wanting to take in the sights with a snack.

Distance: 1.8 km
Difficulty: Easy

Fairfax Heritage Walking Track

cliff top walking track lookout

12. Cliff Top Walking Track

The Cliff Top walking track follows the cliff edge between two of the most impressive lookout points in the Blue Mountains, the Govetts Leap Lookout and Evans Lookout. You’ll be spoiled with some of the most spectacular views of the huge Grose Valley below. From the lookouts and as you follow the track you’ll be treated to birdwatching and wildflowers.

Distance: 3 km
Difficulty: Easy / Medium

Clip Top Walking Track

federal pass view

13. Federal Pass

The Federal Pass is one of the more challenging hikes in the greater Blue Mountains region. The track follows the base of the cliffs between Leura and Ruined Castle, passing iconic highlights such as the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls and the Golden Stairs. This Challenging walk is also one of the most beautiful walks in New South Wales.

Distance: 13 km
Difficulty: Hard

Federal Pass

Bowtells Swing Bridge

14. Six Foot Track

The track was originally built in 1884 and known as the bridle trail. Now known as the Six Foot Track, This is a challenging two to three day walking trail that passing through a variety of landscapes. Apart from the spectacular views and amazing trees, another highlight along this track is the crossing of the Bowtells Swing Bridge which is a suspension footbridge over the Coxs River. The track also has various overnight camping options along the way to stop, rest and take in the view.

Distance: 45 km
Difficulty: Hard

Six Foot Track

waterfall leura cascades fern bower circuit

15. Leura Cascades Fern Bower Circuit

The Leura Cascades Fern Bower circuit is a scenic bushwalk that passes through the Leura Falls Creek. Along this track you will find spectacular bushland and waterfalls and impressive cliff line. As well as many vantage points to view the cascades before reaching the lookout with views of Jamison Valley.

Distance: 4.5 km
Difficulty: Medium

Leura Cascades Fern Bower Circuit

Hanging Rock Burramoko Ridge trail view

16. Burramoko Ridge Trail

The Burramoko Ridge trail otherwise known as the Hanging Rock trail is favoured as it offers a more adventurous walk while giving you a path to follow. The track itself winds its way through bushland and the dramatic rocky bluff with a few viewing points along the way. The path leads you to the Baltzer Lookout, which offers eye-dropping views of the Grose Valley and surrounding escarpments.

Distance: 8 Km
Difficulty: Medium

Burramoko Rdige Trail

group of people walking on a lockleys pylon walking track

17. Lockleys Pylon Walking Track

The Lockleys Pylon Walking Track is known for its scenic 360-degree views. These breathtaking views fare of the Grose Valley, Govetts Gorge and of Mt Banks and Hay. There is a variety of different landscapes and habitats on this walk that makes it so fun, the track is also unique as this part of the Blue Mountains is still relatively undiscovered. The views from the top of this track are absolutely breathtaking.

Distance: 7 km
Difficulty: Medium

Lockleys Pylon Walking Track

prince henry cliff lookout
Image: WalkMyWorld

18. Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The Prince Henry Cliff Walk was completed in 1936. It is named in honour of King George V and Queen Mary third son. It follows the cliff edge overlooking Jamison Valley and has some amazing views. Highlights along this track also include Katoomba Cascades, the Three Sisters, Echo Point, Leura Cascades, and Olympian Rock lookout point.

Distance: 7 km
Difficulty: Medium

Prince Henry Cliff Walk

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General FAQs

What is the most scenic walk in the blue mountains?

The Blue Mountains are home to many scenic walks, but the most scenic ones would have to be the Prince Henry Cliff Walk and the Ruined Castle Walk. Each of these tracks is spectacular in their own right.

Where are the best blue mountains walking tracks for day expeditions?

The best walking tracks for day expeditions in the Blue Mountains would have to be the Wentworth Pass walking track and the Grand Canyon Walking Track as they both are filled with amazing views and fun tracks.

What are the best walking tracks near Katoomba?

There are many walking tracks near Katoomba, but the best would have to be the Three Sisters Walk as well as the Federal Pass track.