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Bluetti’s New Portable Fridge is the First of Its Kind on Multiple Fronts

In Partnership with Bluetti

A global leader in portable power, Bluetti is forging into the future one innovation at a time. Back-up energy storage is the name of its game and that has led to a slew of modern electricity solutions for the home and outdoors alike. The brand’s newest release veers into the mobile appliance category and introduces all kinds of world-firsts along the way. It debuted on Indiegogo and has already soared well past its initial funding goal, meaning this baby will be available soon to take on the road or use at home in case of emergencies. Meet the new SwapSolar portable fridge and power station.

And what is SwapSolar exactly? It’s the industry’s first LiFePO4 battery-powered portable refrigerator that can refrigerate, freeze, and make ice at the same time. Good for over 3000 life cycles, it offers a generous capacity of 40L and keeps food fresh for up to six days when you take advantage of its swappable battery feature and the adjoining AC180T solar generator. Your upcoming road trips have just been optimised. Cold beer, anyone?

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Image: Bluetti

Each SwapSolar system includes a multi-cooler refrigerator and one AC180T solar generator, the latter of which can be used as an independent power source for your other devices. The fridge runs on four unique power options (representing yet another industry-first), including solar power and a high-capacity B70 battery pack, respectively. There are two batteries per pack so when you’re using one to power the fridge, you can charge the other (via the AC180T) and then swap it in when necessary. All that’s left to do is load up and go. Where? Anywhere.

With its battery-powered (or solar) operation, SwapSolar is free of cords and clutter as you take it on outdoor adventures of every variety. Naturally, the fridge also works as a useful backup for food preservation when the power goes out at home. Multi-functionality is the very essence of this product and it will redefine your expectations of portable fridges as a category, and we’re not just talking about the fast-running water and efficient ice making. It’s then no wonder that SwapSolar has accrued over $400,000 on an initial funding goal of $50,000 in just five days.

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Image: Bluetti

As with all things Bluetti, there’s even more to SwapSolar than first meets the eye. For example, VIP temperature control technology utilises the product’s vacuum insulation panels and microporous foam layers to deliver consistent temperature and prevent spoilage, even under direct sunlight. The fridge also comes with a self-cleaning and quick drain feature to ensure clean ice production and avoid bacteria growth. Then we have the AC180T solar generator, which can be used as an independent backup power source for things like phones, laptops, and other devices.

In addition to running on a battery or solar, SwapSolar can also be powered by way of PV, AC, and even a cigarette light port. That makes it the industry’s first four-way power supply fridge, amongst other things. Controlling it is as easy as using the LCD touch display screen or an adjoining app as a makeshift remote. Speaking of effortless usability, the fridge includes a tow handle, built-in wheels, anti-shake technology, tilt protection, and a detachable lid for easy cleaning. Swapping in the battery is a similarly breezy process because that’s just the Bluetti way.

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Image: Bluetti

Bluetti’s SwapSolar is still taking backers on Indiegogo and the energy is palpable (pun intended). A game-changer in its respective domain, the fridge is quiet, sleek, eco-friendly, versatile, spacious, safe, sturdy, easy to control, long-lasting, and cord-free. It’s also backed by a two-year warranty whilst the AC180T solar generator is backed by a five-year warranty, ensuring even greater peace of mind. Check out the tax-inclusive early bird pricing for Bluetti’s MultiCooler (and its handy accessories) below. Don’t hit the road without it!

  • MultiCooler + B70 Modular Battery: Retail price $1328, early bird price $899 (limited quantity of 300pcs)
  • AC180T Solar Generator: Retail price $1299, super early bird price $849 (limited quantity of 100pcs)
  • B70 Modular Battery: Retail price $429, super early bird price $299 (limited quantity of 300pcs)
  • Prices all include tax