BMW Design Group Pairs with The North Face for a New Concept

Did you know that BMW has a design subsidiary named Designworks?

You may want to remember that name. They come up with some pretty impressive and very innovative ideas. One example is the new camper concept and virtual reality experience they created with The North Face.

concept North Face Camper

The camper concept uses The North Face’s new fabric FUTURELIGHT. The fabric uses nanospinning technology to create breathable, waterproof material. The camper itself was inspired by the 2008 BMW GINA Light Visionary Model concept car. Both the car and the camper have a fabric outer shell that is stretched over a geodesic dome.

inside view North Face Camper

Because of the properties of FUTURELIGHT, the fabric is air permeable—it’s still waterproof but it allows air to move through it, improving venting. It’s an interesting idea both for a car and for a camper: a fabric shell would make both significantly lighter.

The debut of the camper uses both an actual model and virtual settings to show what the fabric was capable of.

North Face Camper bmw

“We combined both physical and digital worlds to showcase this material, ensuring the holistic vision of the brand was clearly communicated while giving people a real ‘hands-on’ experience,” stated Laura Robin, Designworks LA Studio Director.

“Thinking about extreme performance in new and unexpected ways from our experience of working across multiple industries, helped us to provide consumers with a unique and never before seen insight into the very heart of the material and its key attributes.”

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