2020 Land Rover Defender SUV Climbs Anything in Absolute Luxury

Jaguar has a legacy of creating luxury vehicles, so the bare-bones Defender has always seemed a bit incongruous with the automaker’s line up. The new 2020 Land Rover Defender SUV looks to continue the rugged reputation of the Defender while also applying some of that luxury Jaguar is so famous for.

“The vast majority of people are living with this car day-to-day so it needs to be refined and comfortable but also live up to that Defender name,” explained Jaguar Land Rover spokesperson Nathan Hoyt. “I’ve driven the early prototypes, and they are so refined. I think everybody will find something to enjoy.”

Adding in luxury to the Defender won’t come at the expense of its off-road capabilities. The Defender will maintain a high ground clearance and will have durable components, all of which will contribute to good approach and departure angles. It won’t just be old-school off-road capabilities in the Defender, there will also be plenty of new technology to help the Defender climb over just about anything, such as adaptive air suspension, different traction modes, and hill-descent control.

Joe Eberhardt, chief executive of Jaguar Land Rover North America, said, “You want to be able to scale something safely. The new twist is you should be able to do that as comfortably and unassisted as possible.”

Combining a touch of luxury with off-road capability is a promising pairing, one that even the staunchest Defender fans can hardly argue with.

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