BMW 3 Series Leads Out as the 2019 Car of the Year

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the BMW 3 Series is winning even more awards. Here’s another one to add to the list. Carsales just named the BMW 3 Series as the 2019 carsales Car of the Year.

BMW 3 Series Wins Best car for 2019

Powered by Shell V-Power, the annual automotive consumer award is Australia’s premier award recognizing excellence in the new vehicle market. Only one winner is named each year from all the new models released in Australia. “After extensive testing, the latest BMW 3 Series claimed top honors as the 2019 carsales Car of the Year presented by Shell V-Power. The BMW 3 Series is not only the finest premium sports sedan in a decade, it is the most compelling new model released in Australia this year,” said Marton Pettendy, carsales managing editor. The 12 judges of the carsales panel listed several qualities that put the BMW 3 Series in the lead, including its refinement and comfort, as well as the car being “rewarding to drive.” The judges continued, stating, “It is also safe, solid, well priced and generously equipped,” reported Pettendy. In addition to their own testing, the judges also used data generated by, a car valuation specialist. The data included the cost to purchase, own, and run a BMW 3 Series.

bmw 3 series vehicles

BMW was pleased to receive the award. Vikram Paway, BMW Group Australia’s CEO, said, “BMW Group Australia is delighted and honored that the 3 series has won the coveted carsales Car of the Year award. Its success against a highly competitive segment and the rigorous testing undertaken by the carsales testing team confirms this impressive sport sedan’s breadth of ability, from superior driving dynamics to customer-centric luxury features and intuitive technology.”

The BMW 3 Series faced competition from cars and SUVs from 20 brands. Each of the vehicles was priced between $19,900 and $130,000.