This 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 Roadster is Picture Perfect

As the successor to the famous 1955 Mercedes SL Roadster, the 300 SL racing machine which gained fame and popularity as an open-topped vehicle before the now-legendary gull-wing-doored coupe came along, this may be a new sight even to those in the know. The design features that made this car a must-have included a high-silled spaceframe multi-tubular chassis, an overhead-camshaft 2,996cc inline-6 engine, direct-injection producing 215bhp @ 5,800rpms capacity, a fully independent coil spring suspension system, and a 4-speed gearbox. Able to go from 0-100 km per-hour in 7.4 seconds, this car may very well have been one of the first genuine supercars.

 mercedes benz 300 roadster front and side

The 300 Roadster picked up where its cousin left off, adding more to what was already a superb automobile. It added conventional doors, lowered the sills for easier access, featured neutral steering and an improved suspension system; the 300 SL Roadster became one of the fastest deluxe convertibles in its time.

 mercedes benz 300 side

This example just sold for AU$1,400,000, but when you look at the detailed images flaunting the pristine condition, it’s easy to see why.

Check it out

 men drive mercedes benz 300 car

front view of mercedes benz 300 car

 mercedes benz 300 car on the road

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