Commonwealth Line of Bespoke Land Rover Defenders

It’s a partnership that spans continents, and it’s going to make your Land Rover Defender dreams come true. Commonwealth Classics, based in the US state of Virginia, is collaborating with Portuguese restoration specialists Unique Masterpieces on the Commonwealth Line—a series of restored, heritage-inspired Land Rover Defenders.

land rover defender front

The partnership starts with Unique Masterpieces sourcing Defenders that can be imported to the US from all over Europe. These vehicles include Defenders produced from 1991 to 1995. Once they have the vehicles, Unique Masterpieces will take charge of restoring the trucks. Because they’re sourcing Defender 90, 110, and 130 models, including pickups, they have a total of 30 different configurations. They’ll keep the stock engines—typically a 200Tdi or 300 Tdi inline-four turbodiesel engines, or a 3.5-liter V8—but will give them a full rebuild. Every other detail is taken care of by Unique Masterpieces, with the exception of the custom-dyed canvas tops and the leather wrapping, which includes 40 different leather color options. When it comes to the finish, there are two to choose from. The Heritage Finish is the more performance oriented of the two, while the Signature Finish is all about luxury. The final choice is what package to add—there are five to choose from. The Performance package adds about 30 percent more power; the Trail package adds a winch, a hitch, heavy duty front springs, and locking rear differentials. The final three packages include Sound, Comfort, and Tailgate.

land rover defender

Once the Defender is all put together, Commonwealth Classics takes over to get it stateside. The entire project takes around four months to complete, and partnership only takes on two new Defender builds per month. The process isn’t a cheap one—a Defender 90 build starts at $125,000, and a Defender 110 starts at $135,000.

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land rover defender car seat upholstery

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