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Socceroos Hero Andrew Redmayne’s Secret to Peak Performance

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A lot can happen in seven seconds. You might make an all-important first impression, leave your mark on the world in a way that will be remembered for years to come, or simply change your own life forever. Just ask Andrew Redmayne.


The hero goalkeeper and doting father stands as a shining example of this very principle, having attained the status of bonafide Australian icon when a mere seven seconds saw him perform a heart-stopping penalty save in our nation’s World Cup qualifying match against Peru. And in that crucial moment, Redmayne’s blinding reflexes made history, securing the Socceroos’ place at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

As miraculous as it seemed at the time, the ability to seize on such an opening doesn’t come out of nowhere. As Redmayne explains, “It all comes down to the commitment of maintaining peak performance, which for me means making sure you’re ready to make the most of key opportunities whenever they arise.”

The Importance of Peak Performance

In fact, grabbing hold of a moment and wrestling it to the ground in this way takes years of discipline and preparation, and there are numerous parallels between Redmayne’s commitment to his sport and the car he chooses to drive. The idea of attaining and then maintaining peak performance applies whether you’ve spent years honing your reflexes to the point where you can calmly pull a rocketing football out of the air, or you’ve devoted yourself to crafting the kind of uniquely thrilling driving experience that Redmayne enjoys every time he climbs behind the wheel of his CUPRA Formentor.

Like Redmayne every time he squares up in front of the net, it’s this dedication to peak performance that’s enabled CUPRA’s team to imbue the Formentor with a sporty spirit that makes it a perfect fit for the Socceroo’s star goalkeeper. And like the seven seconds it took for the nation to take Redmayne into our hearts, the Formentor has a similarly immediate effect when encountered in the real world.

The Best of Both Worlds

Combining all the elements that make a performance car so irresistible with an SUV’s day-to-day practicality, the Formentor is a complete package with an unmistakable presence. From its stylish grille and unique headlight layout through to its hunkered rear haunches for that sense of sporty aggression, CUPRA’s performance origins are woven into the Formentor’s DNA.

Simultaneously, a generously proportioned interior offers maximum comfort, while a comprehensive range of driver-assist features help to ensure that – like Redmayne – you can feel confident your family will arrive safely. And just so you never forget that you are, in fact, driving a vehicle with performance motoring in its very bones, this immaculate package is elevated throughout using CUPRA’s signature (and very unique) copper accenting.


As Redmayne explains, “Every time I step out onto the pitch, there’s an electricity that’s undeniable and it tells me that I’m exactly where I’m meant to be and that anything is possible.” Precisely the same could be said for the CUPRA Formentor driving experience.

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