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CUPRA Formentor: A First Impression You’ll Never Forget

In Partnership with CUPRA

There are some first impressions you’re always going to remember; the person who’s destined to become your significant other, the puppy in the shelter you just can’t leave behind, and the set of wheels you know will be your new ride from the moment you first lay eyes on it. While we make decisions based on first impressions every single day, there are some that you just know are going to change your life for the better from that moment on.

Encountering the CUPRA Formentor for the first time, it takes mere seconds to realise it’s a vehicle designed to create just such a moment. Its statement style combines everything that’s so enticing about a performance car with all the practicality and flexibility of an SUV. From its stylish front grille and unmistakable headlight design through to its hunkered rear haunches, the Formentor embodies the essence of CUPRA’s performance origins, while also offering a generously proportioned interior that ensures maximum comfort.

Racer Spirit, Hybrid Engine

CUPRA’s racing spirit is deeply embedded in the Formentor and is paired with a vision for the future that cements CUPRA’s status as a challenger car maker for a new generation. The VZe PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle) edition of the Formentor features a formidable 180kW hybrid engine that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that electrification and performance are a match made in racing heaven.

To get the most out of this innovative engine, you can modify the Formentor’s ride and handling characteristics by switching between a range of modes, which fine-tune the Formentor’s suspension, brakes and pedal sensitivity. Alternatively, you can activate CUPRA Drive Mode and feel the exhilaration that comes with engaging everything this high-performance vehicle has to offer.

The CUPRA Formentor VZe hybrid also provides peace of mind by offering a cost-efficient and low-emission driving experience via its 12.8kWh battery. Simultaneously, you can drive with confidence, knowing there’s a petrol engine at the ready to offer extra range whenever the need arises. Or, you can top up your battery from a range of sources thanks to the flexibility that comes with the Formentor’s Type 2 plug.

Sophistication, Innovation & Comfort

The comfort and aforementioned roominess of the Formentor’s interior is not all you’ll find when climbing behind the wheel of your new whip. Slip into the stylish, racer-evoking bucket seats to enjoy front seat power and heating as well as a Driver Memory function that ensures everything’s set up just the way you like it. The Formentor’s 12-inch infotainment screen ensures easy navigation of both the vehicle’s generous range of functionality and your wirelessly connected smartphone (thanks to Apple CarPlay or Android Auto). Plus, your compatible smartphone will automatically charge wirelessly when you place it in the Formentor’s console.

Monitoring the Formentor’s performance via the 10.25-inch Digital Cockpit screen only adds to the interior’s sense of the futuristic, as does the ability to select from a range of ambient interior lighting hues, which contribute a perfect finishing touch to the immersion of the Formentor driving experience.

The Style of Safety

While there’s an undeniably rebellious spirit to the Formentor (and CUPRA’s range as a whole) that doesn’t mean the brand holds back when it comes to safety features. In fact, the Formentor offers a comprehensive range of features designed to help ensure you arrive at your destination as safely as you do stylishly.

Starting with Front Assist and Side Assist, which use sensors to alert you if a collision is imminent or if another motorist (or anything else, really) enters your blind spot, the Formentor works just as hard as you do to ensure nothing touches its immaculate paint job. Pedestrian Protection causes the Formentor to stop automatically should someone immersed in their smartphone absent-mindedly step in front of you, while Rear Traffic Alert uses high-tech sensors to monitor angles you might find hard to see. Bumper kisses and gutter scrapes are a thing of the past thanks to Park Assist, which will control your steering as it guides you into tight parking spaces, and of course, you can rely on the Formentor’s Adaptive Cruise Control to safely adjust your speed in response to your surroundings.

Up to the Challenge

The CUPRA Formentor VZe PHEV is a new challenger for the hybrid crown and it makes its case with style and performance while simultaneously maximising comfort and safety. Despite CUPRA’s plans for an entirely electric offering in 2030, the brand recognises certain realities of the current Australian driving experience. That’s why in addition to its hybrid Formentor, the brand is offering three Formentor models with ICE engines, so you can feel confident there’s a model that suits your needs:

  • CUPRA Formentor VZx 2.0 TSI 228 KW 7-speed DSG 4 Drive
  • CUPRA Formentor VZ 2.0 TSI 180 KW 7-speed DSG
  • CUPRA Formentor V 2.0 TSI 140 KW 7-speed DSG 4 Drive

From the moment you see the Formentor and take in its unique blend of performance DNA and SUV comfort, you’ll be left with an inescapable sense that this will be a driving experience to remember. In a motoring world that leans towards the homogeneous, the CUPRA Formentor dares to be different, ensuring that it makes a first impression that lasts.

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