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ECD’s Project Galena is a Custom Defender Dream

East Coast Defender has created yet another stunning masterpiece, this time turning a Land Rover Defender 110 into the overlanding Project Galena. This Defender beast can get you and your gear wherever you’re going.

project galena custom defender steering wheel

Project Galena is based on a 1993 Land Rover Defender 110, but there are plenty of surprises packed into this Defender. For starters, under the hood you’ll find a 6.2L Chevrolet L92 engine that boasts 403 horsepower. All that power is channelled through a six-speed automatic transmission. Project Galena also boasts ECD Air suspension, which combines with 18-inch Kahn Defend 1983 wheels shod in BF Goodrich All-Terrain tires for a smooth ride regardless of the terrain you find yourself in. The rig has a full internal roll cage in case things get rough. Handling is made easier with an anti-sway bar and upgraded axles. The exhaust comes courtesy of Borla Performance. Done in Arles Blue with a Chawton White roof, Project Galena also comes with a Frontrunner roof rack.

project galena car seat upholstery

Just because the exterior is rough and rugged, however, doesn’t mean that the interior is. East Coast Defender dressed up this Land Cruiser with Torino Bark and Caviar Black leathers. The front seats are Puma Classics and are heated, while the middle row seats are a 60/40 split, and are heated as well. The load area seats are comfortable benches. Perhaps the most striking part of the interior is the classy steering wheel made of Evander wood. The sound system is no slouch either, featuring JL Audio amplified sound. Project Galena also offers rear LED work lights, a wireless charger, rear A/C, back-up camera, automatic headlights, Bluetooth audio, power windows, remote locking, and USB ports. Even if all that isn’t everything you wish for, you can still get what you want with East Coast Defender’s commitment to designing and building your dream Project Galena.

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project galena car seat at the back of custom defender

custom made project galena vehicle

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