Emory Motorsports Fits Beauty and Performance into 1964 Porsche 356 C4S AWD

Rod Emory started Emory Motorsports with his wife, Amy, in 1996. Since then, they’ve built over 170 Porsche 356s and 911 “Outlaws”—along with quite a reputation for putting together incredible cars. They’re adding to that legacy with a first of its kind, all-wheel-drive 356 coupe.

Porsche side view

The 356 uses quite a bit of the 911 C4S to create a “novel mix of 356 and 911 technology.” Emory explained that “our philosophy has always been to bring the best of certain eras together in our cars. The Emory 356 C4S is really the first ‘RS’ that we’ve built, while being the world’s first AWD 356. Our goal was to create a special Porsche that never existed, but should have.”

1964 Porsche

The Porsche was built as a special order for a client who planned to use the car for ski trips on the East Coast. Emory took a 1964 356C body and loaded it onto an AWD 1990 911 C4 chassis. Then the team added in a proprietary Emory-Rothsport 2.4L “Outlaw-4” engine with dual Weber 48 IDA carburettors.

Porsche back view

All told, the Porsche boasts 200 horsepower, which is funnelled into a G64 five-speed AWD manual gearbox. Inside, the Porsche has a custom green leather interior with an Outlaw shift knob, a MOMO Heritage steering wheel, and a Tilton pedal assembly.

The roof rack was constructed in CAD and then 3D-printed. In total, the project took four years to complete, but it was obviously well worth every minute.

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