Land Rover Classic Defender V8 Builds on 70 Years of Excellence

For brands to stick around, they have to be doing something right. That Land Rover is celebrating 70 years is testament that they’ve hit on a formula that continues to be successful. That same formula is bringing out a new Land Rover Classic Defender V8 that will be a solid contribution to the legacy.

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Perhaps the most stand out feature of the Classic Defender V8 is the “V8” part. The Defender comes with a 5.0-litre petrol V8 engine that pumps out 405Ps and 515Nm of torque. With that kind of power, the Defender can hit 100 kilometres per hour in just 5.6 seconds and tops out at 170 kilometres per hour. The engine ties into a ZF 8-speed automatic gearbox that features a sport mode. The gearbox also has quickshift response, which allows the Defender to complete each gear change in 200 milliseconds.

The driveline also shifts up to 90 per cent of the torque to the front or rear axle as needed thanks to its dual-speed transfer box with automatic torque biasing centre differential. And because they know you’re going to take the Defender off-road, Land Rover reconfigured the suspension with improved springs and dampers and granted the SUV 18-inch diamond-turned Sawtooth alloy wheels with all-terrain tires and upgraded brakes.

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Inside you’ll find updated technology as well as full Windsor hide leather covering the dashboard, door panels, and headlining. The RECARO sits are trimmed in Taurus leather.

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