Land Rover Defender is Back as a Twisted Restomod

Since 1948, the Land Rover Defender has stood out as one of the most iconic off-road vehicles ever created. Unfortunately, even icons can come to an end, and in 2016, production of the Defender did just that. Of course, Land Rover quickly announced the Defender’s return, but this new Defender isn’t the Defender that you grew up admiring and loving.

Options seemed limited for fans of the original, until Twisted Automotive rectified the situation by offering limited run restomods through their Remake History program.

white restomod land rover

Twisted Automotive is making available six different styles of Defenders—the Classic Series I, Classic Series II, Classic Series IIA, Lightweight, Classic Series III, and Stage One V8. While staying true to the storied history of the Defender, Twisted also brings the vehicle up to modern standards by upgrading and improving engine functionality, adding in progressive suspensions, and introducing a few tidbits of Twisted Automotive flavour.

Twisted Automotive isn’t producing many of these examples—a few of the runs will be limited to only 10 examples. Still, that’s more options than you might have had before. If you want to take advantage of these restomod Land Rover Defenders before they go the way of the original Defender, you can plan on starting at USD$85,000.

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Restomod Land Rover Defender vehicle

brown land rover defender

gray defende restomod