Land Rover Gets Red Cross Onsite with the Discovery Emergency Response Vehicle

The Land Rover and Red Cross partnership has evolved into the Discovery Emergency Response Vehicle. The partnership between Land Rover and Red Cross has been going for over 60 years now, dating back to 1954, and during that time, Land Rover has helped Red Cross respond to pleas for help in everything from natural disasters to war zones. The Austrian Red Cross has the latest iteration of that partnership.

red cross emergency response vehicle

The Land Rover Discovery Emergency Response Vehicle is a mobile command center based on the Project Hero concept vehicle revealed in the spring of 2017. Once onsite, the back hatch of the Discover opens up to reveal a foldout touchscreen. The touchscreen is used to control an eight-rotor drone that rides on the top of the vehicle and is capable of optic thermal imaging.

With the drone, emergency response teams can get a view of the location and can even track objects on the ground—all with just a touch on the screen. The primary goal of the vehicle is to reduce search and rescue times by combing over areas that are otherwise hard to reach. Discovery also comes with satellite, WiFi, and mobile communications equipment. But it’s more than just a communications hub and reconnaissance vehicle. Discovery also has multi-region power outlets and a heavy-duty battery system that can be used to power different equipment during an emergency.

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