Land Rover Overwhelms with Options to Create Your Defender

It’s been a long time coming, but the new 2020 Defender is finally here, and while everyone has been waiting somewhat patiently for the unveil, the big surprise is that the Defender can be just about anything you want it to be. You can explore all the different options and looks with the Defender configurator that is now live on Land Rover’s website.

land rover defender steering wheel

A little disclaimer, currently the Defender configurator will let your build the Defender you’ve always dreamed of as long as it’s a four-door 110 model, including the standard 110, the 110 first edition, and the 110 X. Otherwise, the configurator nearly assaults you with all the options. It’s more or a fire hydrant approach as you delve into all the different options and possibilities. You can decide on your accessory packs, choosing from Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban. You even get the chance of selecting which engine you would like for your Defender. From that jumping off point, you then get to start with the rest of the details, including four tiers of exterior and interior feature—that’s four tiers each. Then you’re confronted by seven tiers of more options, and that’s before you get to the five tiers of accessories. And if that wasn’t enough options to choose from, each tier expands into even more options. As an example. One tier of options spreads out into a choice of 10 different packs. And there’s something for every eventuality, like the $1,838 Pet Care and Access Pack, or the seven different types of rooftops gear carriers. Be prepared to get lost in all the possible combinations as you easily and quickly lose all track of time. Also be prepared to have your vision of a dream Defender thoroughly broken down and reimagined as you undoubtedly had no idea that there were this many possibilities.

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land rover defender car seat upholstery

land rover defender dashboard view at the top

land rover defender side view