Lexus Adds Moon Mobility Concepts to Lunar Design Portfolio

Document Journal’s issue No. 15 had a special theme of exploring what life on the moon might be like. They tapped architects and designers to help define how humans might live on the moon, exploring things like what homes would look like, what would be the going fashion, and what would we drive. To answer that last question, the publication invited Lexus to create a moon mobility concept sketch to add to the Lunar Design Portfolio.

“When Document Journal approached us about the Lunar Design Portfolio, our team was working on the LF_30 Concept, which represents the ‘Lexus Electrified’ futuristic vision for Lexus,” says Ian Cartabiano, the President of ED2. “The lunar project came at the right time, halfway through the LF-30 development. It gave the team a chance to dream further out, and then apply some of the design language from the LF-30 interior to their lunar proposals.”

ED2, the European Advanced Design Studio for Toyota and Lexus, put five designers on the project. These designers came up with seven different concepts, creating a full lineup of space vehicles meant for lunar transport. Document Journal selected the Zero Gravity concept to appear in the issue. The concept is a single rider vehicle that incorporates magnetic levitation technology with the LF-30’s design ethos. You can pick out the Lexus spindle grille in the design. The vehicle also invokes the concept of “Tazuna.” Japanese for “reins,” Tazuna is a human-centred philosophy inspired by the idea of how “a single rein can be used to achieve mutual understanding between horse and rider.” For Zero Gravity, this meant developing a steering control that is built around active driving enjoyment that results from direct communication between the driver and the motorcycle.

While the remaining designs weren’t chosen for the publication, they still have plenty to offer—both in terms of creativity as well as a vision for the future. The ideas are both practical and visionary and just might lay the foundation for future ventures by Lexus.

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