Lexus Unveils the LM Luxury People Mover

‘People mover’ might just be a fancy way of saying ‘van’, but there’s no arguing that the Lexus LM doesn’t use ‘luxury’ as a fancy adjective. The LM really is luxurious. Billed as an MPV, or Multipurpose Vehicle, the LM was unveiled at the 2019 Shanghai Auto Show and is the first luxury minivan done by Lexus.

luxury lexus car

The LM has a boxy appearance, which is enhanced by the flat grille—though the grille does have a bit of a lean that gives the van an almost aggressive look. The LM will come with a 26-inch colour screen. Don’t worry, there’s more. It will also feature a minifridge that can chill two champagne bottles, storage for your umbrella, massage chairs, a 19-speaker sound system, and a glass privacy partition.

The LM will be available in either white or black (combined with the glass partition, those colours cement the idea of this being a chauffeured vehicle), and will have a four-seat layout with two ‘thrones’ for the rear seats that recline with an included footrest.

front view lexus

The LM will come equipped with either a 3.5-litre gas engine or a hybrid 2.5-litre Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder and electric motor setup. Lexus also added in noise reducing features, like double-layer glass to let you relax in the luxury. And for that comfortable ride, the LM features swing valve shock absorbers.

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