NSW Police’s $200k BMW Just Blew Up in Flames

One of the greatest pities of modern policing is that it rarely lives up to the lofty standards of fun and excitement set by the entertainment industry. Real cops just can’t compare to screen cops when it comes to giving the public a legitimate thrill.

But every now and then, reality steps up to the plate. So it was on the M1 near Tweed Heads last month when a police car burst into flames after a high-speed pursuit.

Now, admittedly, it wasn’t quite as spectacular as if it had exploded while travelling at full speed or launching itself into the air off a ramp, but it’s still pretty cool. The brand-new BMW 5-Series turbo-diesel – the coppers’ latest awesome crimefighting toy – had just chased down a hooning sedan with the aid of some nifty road spikes. The cops had their guns drawn – nice touch – and were in the process of arresting the hoons when the $200,000 vehicle combusted at the taxpayers’ expense.

The flames also ended up consuming the offenders’ car, which we assume saved some paperwork one way or another. It’s thought the conflagration was caused by the cop car being parked near a small grass fire, which…yes, that seems to check out.

It’s a great shame for the police, but for those of us who desire greater spectacle in everyday law enforcement: we salute you, small grass fire.