Paul Smith Gives a 1965 Porsche an Artistic Upgrade

Representing the graceful fusion between two normally disparate arenas, British fashion designer Paul Smith recently brought his stylistic sensibilities to an iconic 1965 Porsche 911 Coupe. The racecar–which partook in the Porsche Classic, the 2018 Le Mans Classic, and the 2018 Good Festival of Speed–is impeccably dressed in a colourful spectrum of stripes, inside and out. As a result, this speedy one-off forges a distinctive style all its own, to say the least.

 porsche an artistic upgrade car top view

The Artist Stripe project was put together by James Turner, founder of Sports Purpose, and lover of classic Porsche racecars and Paul Smith apparel alike. He and Smith had always talked about designing a bike together, but decided to skip the baby steps and work together on a classic Porsche 911 instead. Handling the build and paintwork was Tuthill Porsche, the world’s leading 911 rally workshop.

paul smith artist stripe porsche interior

In addition to its eye-catching exterior, the Artist Stripe Porsche 911 hosts a similarly colourful interior. Also featured is a roll cage of dark green, and a petrol blue cushion on the racing seat. For the finishing touch, Smith adorned the balsawood gear knob with his signature. Rarely do racecars emanate with such a particular sense of authorship. Here’s looking forward to a future project between Smith and Turner.

Check it out

paul smith artist stripe porsche le mans

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