Porsche Reveals its First Electric Vehicles, The Taycan & Taycan Turbo S

At a series of swanky events in Canada, China and Germany yesterday, German automaker Porsche revealed its newest car, one which is set to shake up the electric vehicle market, the Taycan.

Offered in two iterations, the Taycan and the Taycan Turbo S, this is Porsche’s first attempt at getting an EV to market, one which has cost them a cool USD$1 billion in development, but could see the marque turn a corner in terms of how they move forward with other models.

“The Taycan stands for the change necessary for Porsche to remain Porsche,” said Detlev von Platen, Porsche AG board member of sales and marketing, at Canada’s big reveal.

Porsche claims that half of its showroom offerings will be electric-powered by 2025.

And while it may be a huge shift in thinking for the brand, which, for decades, has made its name for mid-bodied naturally aspirated engined sportscars, it’s clear just by looking at these new rides that they’ve put a considerable amount of effort into carrying the distinct Porsche DNA across to the new line.

Sleek lines and curves that round behind the rear wheel and a low, menacing front grille are both very “Porsche”, and while it may not be growling under the hood, don’t let the silence fool you. The 500kw on hand will get the Taycan from 0-100 km/h in a mere three seconds, with a top speed of 260 km/h.

Not bad for a car that’ll run without a drop of petrol

Starting around the USD$150,000 mark, this is not going to be a cheap whip to get into when it does make its way to Australia–an additional hurdle to overcome given our country’s reluctance to embrace electric vehicles, largely to raft of impracticalities relating to size, climate and power prices–, but Porsche seems adamant to push ahead into this brave new world of engineering, even if it will take some time for the general public to embrace.

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