Porsche Scandalises with a 935 Stripped to Carbon Fibre Bones

This article might just be NSFW, depending on just how into Porsches you are. The new Porsche 935 has a lot of the brand’s cars drooling, but the newest images of the sports car might just push them right past the breaking point. In the vein of any burlesque show out there, Porsche recently posted photos of the 935 completely stripped down to its birthday suit.

porsche new sport car back view

No hackers were involved in releasing these risqué images. Nor was a preemptive move to thwart the threats of a blackmailer. The images of the 935 completely dressed down were posted by Porsche on the company’s Facebook page. The German automaker stripped the 935 down, removing all the liveries, and left the car au naturale. And it’s just as stunning without the fancy duds as it is with.

The pictures show the 935 stripped all the way to the bare carbon fibre.

porsche new image stripped all the way to carbon fiber

The 935 is essentially a 911 GT2 RS that has been slipped into a re-bodied tribute to Porsche’s long line of legendary racers. It comes with the same 3.8-litre twin-turbo boxer-six as the GT2 RS, which means it can kick out 690 horsepower. That power is delivered to the rear-wheel drivetrain via a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. The big difference you’ll find in the 935 is the prolific use of carbon fibre, which helped to drive the car’s weight down to a lean 3,040 pounds.

Add in the track-focused suspension, rolling stock, brakes, and many other components, and the 935 will be streaking past the competition—especially in its non-liveried version.

porsche sport car wheel

Porsche lovers will be able to spend hours ogling the carbon fibre body panels and picking up on the little details that a paint job, no matter how well done, just covers up. With only 77 versions of this car being made available, it may not be too surprising to see some of the lucky owners opting for this scandalizing treatment.

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porsche 935 sport car