The Mercedes-Benz Concept Car Vision EQ Silver Arrow is Sensual Purity

Mercedes-Benz unveiled their electric concept car, the Vision EQ Silver Arrow, at Pebble Beach, and is the latest evolution of Mercedes-Benz “Sensual Purity” design language.

The name “Silver Arrow” is accurate enough. First, the layers of alubeam silver paint make the car look fluid, giving it the appearance of flowing, not driving. Second, the Silver Arrow is long, 5.3 meters, and has the feel of having just been shot out of the bow. If the looks don’t make it seem like it’s flying, then the power will definitely make it more aircraft than automobile. The Silver Arrow has a power output of 550kW—roughly 750 horsepower. The Silver Arrow has a 400 km range.

Getting back to the idea of sensual purity, the interior will have you purring in pleasure. The interior is a combination of traditional high-quality materials and technology. Genuine leather combines with polished aluminum and solid walnut for a stunning look. The curved panoramic screen with back projection, as well as a touchscreen integrated into the steering wheel, more than covers the technological aspect.

The electric drivetrain is powered by a thin, rechargeable battery that is located in the underbody. The full capacity of the batter is an approximate 80 kWh, giving the car a range of over 400km.

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