Jeep’s Mud Mask Can Almost Make You Look Tough

Jeep consistently makes some of the greatest adventure vehicles on the planet and they are not afraid to share the fact that they know it. One thing that does come with this outdoor exploration and off road activities is a high level of uncleanliness. Your car will get dirty, wet, muddy and just generally beaten up as you attack anything and everything that is off the beaten path. However, not everyone actually uses their Jeeps in this way. Luckily, there is now a mud mask you can throw on your Jeep to give it that appearance.

jeep's mud mask wheel

The Jeep Mud Mask is the first mud mask for SUVs which promises to be adventure in a can, the emergency aid for all adventure-deprived city Jeeps which sadly long for the wilderness. The strictly limited, and beautifully crafted Mud Masks contain exactly what a true offroad-adventurer is missing in the city: 100% real dirt, as an expression of the desire to escape the daily grind and search for new adventures that you can’t find in the concrete jungle.

give you jeep back its natural