Land Rover Backpacker Channels the Spirit of the Series 01

Edwin Senger was inspired by the Land Rover series 01 and tiny homes to come up with his Land Rover Backpacker Concept. “To reinterpret this spirit and to bring it into a future context was the main goal,” states Senger, “besides combining it with the approach and philosophy of modern minimalists and the efficiency of tiny house lifestyles.”

“Inspired by the necessity of reduction in today’s consumerist world,” Senger came up with the Backpacker concept, which features a 4X4 with a retractable top tent canopy. The canopy can be pulled back for an open-air experience and then pulled back down to provide a protected place to sleep or to just hang out. With a roof that doubles as a tent, you also need a seat that can accommodate a seated position to be able to drive and that can also fold flat to provide a sleeping platform.

Senger also imagines the Backpacker with storage for gear and water in the form of travel kits that slide into a slot in the back of the vehicle—like a backpack. The kits could also include a solar cell, chairs, a camping toilet, cooking gear, or a fridge. There’s also a solar sail that can be spread between two Backpackers to provide shade and to gather solar energy.

Judging from the sketches, this vehicle is intended to be electric, but it looks like there would be plenty of room for a combustion engine as well. There’s room for two passengers—both to ride and to sleep. Seeing as it is inspired by the Land Rover series 01, you know it’s meant to be able to traverse any terrain. The Backpacker makes use of airless tyres.

Senger has completely sketched out the design and even made a small physical model. All that remains now is for Land Rover to pick it up and start producing it.

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