A Modified L’etonnante BMW Motorcycle by St. Brooklyn

Here is another bike to add to the crazy list of two-wheelers we’ve reviewed over the years at Man of Many. The L’etonnante Custom BMW motorcycle by St Brooklyn blends vintage style and contemporary minimalist finishes with traditional German engineered race-winning performance. Unsurprisingly, L’etonnante translates as ‘The Astonishing One’.

l'etonnante bmw motorcycle design

Based on a classic 1955 BMW 2 Series, St Brooklyn Motorcycles began with the frame and restored it, with each surface flowing into the next. After that, the frame was finished in a sophisticated natural grey colour.

The metal tank has been hand-shaped and features exposed welding, which contrasts the frame by showcasing the raw surface textures.

l'etonnante bmw motorcycle seat

Most of the fittings and fixtures are finishes in brass, and the L’etonnante also has a ‘number one’ number plate, which symbolises its racing nature. The bike saddle dates from 1930 and was handmade in France, and the front suspension is known as the ‘Earles Fork’, which is unlike other telescopic forks. Where others dive under braking – the Earles unit rises, providing easier steering input under turn in.

l'etonnante bmw motorcycle handle

This is produced to compete in the 1/8th mile ‘Sultans of Sprint’ drag racing series at events like the Glemseck 101. The 1980 1000cc unit delivers on horsepower with minimal sound.

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