BMW X Revival Birdcage Motorcycle is a Dream Come True

When BMW unveiled a new prototype 1800cc prototype engine and drivetrain, it was obvious there would be a line of customisers wanting it. Second in line was Revival Cycles out of Austin, Texas. “This new giant boxer had me dreaming of the power and torque it must be capable of right away! I always wanted to build a frame in the Birdcage style, inspired by the racecars of the early 1960s,” explained Alan Stulberg of Revival Cycles.

That dream came to fruition after a long process of conceptualising and then building—just the concept phase took six months alone.

birdcage motorcycle

The frame is a latticework of 134 parts made of 9 mm titanium rods that puts the engine in full view. “I wanted to establish the engine as the absolute most extraordinary feature of the build,” Stulberg explains. The frame serves as the symmetrical backbone of the bike, but the rest was intentionally asymmetrical, from the staggered cylinders to the drive linkage on the right side and other components.

The engine also received a set of custom engine covers, which Revival made with the help of metalworking master Craig Rodsmith. The rest of the bike comes courtesy of Revival, including all the control elements—handlebar, footrests, gear and brake levers—and the seat. Every aspect of the bike is custom including the tires, which are 23-inch prototype slicks from Dunlop.

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The bike isn’t for sale, but is on display at the Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in Austin, Texas.

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