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OX Patagonia Proves Not All Electric Motorcycles are Lame

Note: It appears the Ox Motorcycle brand has now closed down and is no longer available.

Electrification is coming for the motorcycle world. Triumph already unveiled its TE-1, an all-electric motorcycle Ducati is prepping to compete in MotoE. And now Spanish motorcycle maker OX Motorcycles has unveiled its electric offering—the Patagonia. What sets the Patagonia apart from the others is its ability to take on all terrain, everything from standard, sport, and off-road adventures.

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Ox Patagonia | Image: Ox Motorcycles

The first images of the new electric bike, which OX is currently attempting to crowdfund for, have got us a little excited. Unlike some of the aforementioned forays into the electric motorcycle space, this new release actually looks the part, and it should come as no surprise. The OX Patagonia is based on the company’s OX One, the very same model that first caught our attention and catapulted the brand into the public eye.

This time around, the bike is powered by a rear-mounted 11kW hub motor that receives juice from a portable 72-volt battery pack. The combination can see the bike hit a top speed of 68 miles per hour. The one drawback to this set-up, however, is the limited 62-mile range. That makes for shorter adventures, but there’s still plenty to love about this electric vehicle.

The Patagonia offers an additional 50mm of ground clearance over the One, which is a result of the inclusion of long-travel suspension, along with a bash plate, saddlebags, crash bars, and a headlamp screen—all combining to make the bike look pretty tough. OX also provides the knobby tires on the 19-inch wire-spoke front wheel. The flat bench seat is large enough for two and what would be the fuel tank for petrol-powered bikes is actually a storage box.

Further still, the Patagonia features the same double-cradle structure used by OX for the One. Being an electric bike, there’s a USB charger for your gadgets (though you may want to preserve that power for riding given the limited range). In addition, the Patagonia comes with the Elisa system, granting the bike GPS navigation as well as plenty of performance information plus smartphone connectivity and blind spot detection. You can reserve an OX Patagonia now on the official; website for just $260. And when it’s time to pick up your bike, you’ll be paying only $7,200.

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Ox Patagonia | Image: Ox Motorcycles

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Ox Patagonia | Image: Ox Motorcycles

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Ox Patagonia | Image: Ox Motorcycles