Remodeled and Remade – The Hookie Co. BMW R100/7 Hammerhead Shark

Hookie Co.’s shop motto is “Enjoy the good.” That mantra shines through in the easy-going and fun design of their new bike, the BMW R100/7.

hookie bmw r100 7 hammerhead shark diesel tank

Upon first glance, you can clearly see how much attention was given to this bike. Coated in dark colors and devoid of all unnecessary parts, the stripped-down frame is unapologetic and fierce. A lightning bolt emblazoned across the chassis headlines and impressive display of uncovered inter-workings and a powerful engine set beneath the saddle. Twin shocks and low, but stoic handlebars, frame a single headlamp giving the bike an inspiring retro look, but reborn in 2017 with it’s LED lighting.

hookie bmw r100 7 hammerhead shark front design

Behind the lamp, you’ll notice that Hookie has dropped the front fork by just a bit, to tune for improved compression – a theme that you see repeated throughout the build; minor tweaks to maximize performance.

With a design as creative as this, and a build to match, the R100/7 mod certainly earns its name, The Hammerhead Shark. Head on over to Hookie’s site to see this brilliant remodel for yourself.

Check it out

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