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Vagabund’s 350 Safari is the Battle-Ready KTM We’ve Been Waiting For

Austrian kit builder Vagabund is back at it with the Vagabund KTM 350 EXC. The new kit turns the 350 EXC motorcycle into a stealthy warrior ready to head out on Safari. As they are wont to do, Vagabund offers the build either as something they put together or that you can tackle on your own.

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Vagabund ktm 350 exc 5

Image: Vagabund

What stays the same on this build is the basics of the KTM 350 EXC. The frame remains unmolested and the 350 cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine retains its 35 horsepower. It’s also still street legal after you finish the build. The additions to the build are perfect fits, thanks to the process of 3D scanning each part of the bike and then 3D printing everything to the exact specs. In other words, you shouldn’t need any special equipment or tools to mount the new parts.

Each part is made of polyamide and handmade metal components. The kit comes with a new tank cowl that features a shroud made with an aero-winglet style. There’s also a custom tail part and a brand new air filter housing. A modified Husqvarna TC85 entrance fender with a custom 3D-printed entrance fender rack is also included.

Vagabund ktm 350 exc right side

Image: Vagabund

On that track, you can add a set of Highsider satellite headlights and a pair of micro-LED Kellerman indicators. New engine and swing-arm covers as well as hard-anodized fork tubes, a bespoke subframe, an exhaust covered in ceramic, a steel rack reverse that holds a gas pack, all sit below a custom Alcantara seat with a custom Vagabund tag.

Choosing to have the bike built will cost you approximately $25,000, but it will come as a complete turn-key build. If you feel up to the challenge of doing this yourself—and Vagabund has made this kit simple enough that just about anyone could tackle this project—you can pick up the kit for about $7,400, depending on the exchange rate.

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Image: Vagabund

Vagabund ktm 350 exc 1

Image: Vagabund

Vagabund ktm 350 exc 3

Image: Vagabund

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Image: Vagabund