Porsche’s Panamera Gets Its Own New Look

Before you read this review of a four-door Porsche, I must acknowledge that there are fanciers, owners, car-club members and fans in general of the famous German automobile manufacturer who are grinding their teeth and clenching their fists around crystal glasses of single malt in outrage right now. But it’s only two hundred words, so hear me out. This, like it or not, is the Panamera Sedan, the latest release from Porsche.

porsche panamera car rear

Four doors of furious power and excitement, this isn’t a re-hashed idea made family friendly, but a further testament to Porsche’s ability to adapt and innovate, without compromising their stoic mission to make sports cars that are both high-performance and an absolute pleasure to drive. It’s been six years since Porsche released the front-engined, two-wheel drive sedan, and as much as hardcore Porsche enthusiasts only saw this as a way to further appease a growing market of dads, that growing market applauded, allowing them to keep their boyhood dream alive whilst fitting a baby seat in the back. This new 2017 design moves slightly further away from the stretched-out 911 style of the earliest models and looks a bit more like a sedan in its own right, so whether or not you think it’s a real Porsche, it’s a hard task to find a faster, better-looking and better equipped way to get your family around town.

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interior of porsche panamera car

side view of porsche panamera car