They See Me Rollin’ – BMW Motorrad Concept Z

Technology continues to revolutionise the way of living in modern society, and the introduction of autonomous vehicles. Tesla and Uber’s collaboration with Volvo have made this a reality. But there’s been a negligence, even if it’s not intentional to the two-wheeled riders.

bmw motorrad concept z motorcycle body

Designer Anja Didrichsons and automobile German giants BMW made sure this negligence wouldn’t prolong any further by creating a concept for one of the first autonomous motorcycles for those for the thrill of two wheels. This model offers the two-wheeled thrill seekers a variety of riding options depending on the type of adventure. From a cruising-friendly escape to a sport mode, where the seat is raised for riders to be in a more aero-dynamic position. When riders want to have some Netflix and chill, the autonomous mode will allow them to lean back on the bike’s backrest and let the Anja and BMW do the driving.

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bmw motorrad concept z motorcycle design