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A Man’s Guide To Squirting

Squirting – you’ve probably heard about it before, seen it on porn or been with someone who can do it. On top of producing mind-blowing amounts of pleasure for your lady, squirting also been found to enrich a couple’s sex life. These special orgasms take many forms; from a little trickle or light spray to a full-blown sheet-soaker; every squirt is different.

You might be surprised to know that it’s no new phenomenon. Women all throughout history have been enjoying these other-worldly orgasms. Mentions of female ejaculation have been found on Chinese Taoist texts from the 4th century, mentioned in Kamasutra between 200-400AD and even reported as early as 300BC by Aristotle.

A 2017 study by PornHub revealed that squirting is one of the top 20 most searched categories on their page. They also found that women were 44% more likely than men to search for the category, so chances are if you are interested in squirting, your girlfriend might be interested too.

But before you try it out, keep in mind that the theatrical show you’ve seen in porn videos shouldn’t be expected. Many porn stars actually fake-squirt by either using a douche or simply by peeing (hot, right?) so don’t put too much pressure on your lady to produce such an event. Mention to her that you are interested in trying it out and ask if she would be keen to give it a go. If she is, let her know you have no expectations. Women might feel pressure to produce the theatrics for you so letting her know that you don’t expect this will help her to feel comfortable, relaxed and ready to start exploring her body with you.

At this point, you’re probably thinking ‘okay cool, but how on earth can I actually make her squirt?’ Well, great question because if you want to make your girlfriend squirt it’s worth getting a bit of background info first.

Basically, it’s an involuntary reaction to g-spot contact. Her g-spot is located on the anterior wall of her vagina and behind it lives her skene’s gland, also termed the female prostate. This gland is sandwiched between her g-spot and urethra. When your lady is turned on, her skene’s gland will swell, fill with fluid and occasionally drain into the urethra. This fluid will make up part of the liquid that is expelled during her squirt.

When she eventually orgasms, clear fluid will come from her urethra – the same area that her pee comes from. Research is still conflicting over what exactly a woman’s squirt is comprised of. Some studies report super diluted urine, some report prostatic fluid and others report an entirely different substance altogether. While this might be a mystery, what we do know is that it gives women crazy amounts of pleasure.

To get her juices flowing (literally) she needs mega g-spot stimulation because of it’s close proximity to her skene’s gland. So, get worshipping her g-spot like it’s the source of all good things in the world. That might not even be an exaggeration.

To find this area, insert 1 or 2 super lubed up fingers into your lady’s vagina and aim your finger pads toward the belly side of her vaginal wall. About 5-8cm inside her you will feel a soft ribbed patch of skin – this is where you want to focus your attention.

Remember, her skene’s gland will swell as she gets turned on. The same also happens to her g-spot. Therefore, if you are having trouble finding her g-spot she might need to be more turned on so make sure your girl is super horny before attempting to make her squirt.

Once you’ve successfully found her g-spot there are a number of techniques you can do to stimulate the area. You can make a come-hither motion while slowly traversing your finger pads along her g-spot, you can also make a circular or figure 8 motion over the area or you can try pushing on it while varying the on and off time. Every woman will enjoy something different so run through the various methods and see what works best for her.

While carrying out these techniques don’t be afraid to simultaneously stimulate her clitoris. You can do this by using a vibrator or simply using your thumb on the same hand that you’re using on her g-spot. This will increase her arousal levels, aid in filling up that skene’s gland and get her closer to orgasm.

When she is about to orgasm, ensure that you aren’t pressing too hard on her g-spot area because this can sometimes block her urethra and stop the flow of her ejaculatory fluid. Therefore, continue the stimulation but just ease off a little around that time.

Finally, don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen on your first try; these things can take time to master. As many women report a feeling that is similar to that of peeing, it can be difficult for her to resist the urge to stop the flow of the liquid. Once she knows what to expect, she will be able to relax and embrace the feeling, allowing her squirt to follow. So the key is, be patient, keep communication open, offer her full support along the way and you and your partner could be on your way to a more enriching and satisfying sex life.

For more information on squirting, there are other resources available. Laura from the School of Squirt will have you covered.

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