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5 Best Australian Beer Podcasts | Man of Many

Their names are James and Ev. They’re two self-deprecating Australian mates and like many Aussies they love to drink beer and talk, mostly about beer but other stuff too. In fact they’re probably drinking beer and rambling this very minute, even if it’s not on the air. Tune in to one of the best beer podcasts to find out what James and Ev will ramble onto next.

1. Not Two Bright

Sure, you can drop your hard earned money on that craft beer without knowing anything thing about it, or you can see what Frozen Summers has to say about it first, in this awesome beer podcast. The bearded enthusiast reviews beer (along with wine and spirits) one bottle or can at a time, and shares his impressions as they occur on YouTube. Whether or not you agree with his palate is one thing, but there’s no arguing that this man has tried a lot of booze!

2. Frozen Booze Reviews

About once every two weeks, four mates get together and talk about craft beer in virtually every regard. This is one of the best beer podcasts because it offers a genuine insider’s perspective, going far beyond the fluid to discuss brands, news, trends and everything else going on in the industry.

3. The Sessionable Podcast

With its fingers firmly on the pulse of both the local and global craft beer scene, Brews News already enjoys a reputation as one of Australia’s best beer blogs. Here they put that expertise and access into beer podcast form. Naturally, the results are brilliant. Expect important news updates, interviews with everyone from industry experts to successful craft brewery owners, and live reporting from the hottest events. It’s all here.

4. Brews News

Sometimes you need a podcast that cuts straight to the heart of the matter. After all, beer is above all things a surefire way to have a great time. That said, Australia’s acclaimed Inebriation Nation delivers a ton of valuable insight no matter how heavily the hosts might be drinking. This is one of the best beer podcasts because it rolls entertainment and education into one compulsively listenable package. You will never look at craft beer the same again.

5. Inebriation Nation

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