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17 Best Coffee Shops & Brands in Australia | Man of Many

If you cast your eye back a few decades, coffee was seen and approached under a completely different lens. Instant coffee held the reins and speciality cafes were run by immigrants and ex-pats looking for a slice of the old country Down Under. Towards to the turn of the millennium, things changed. Adam Matheson, Campos Chief Coffee Officer believes the multicultural landscape has served as the catalyst behind the country’s growing cafe culture.

Australian Coffee at a Glance

When it comes to the best coffee brands in Australia, Coffee Alchemy takes the cake. The Marrickville roaster is a recipient of the Australian Barista Champion title, the Australian Cupping Champion title and winner of five coffee bean awards. Grab a coffee and a bag of beans at the store or order your beans online.

1. Coffee Alchemy, Marrickville, NSW

The grinders at Proud Mary are full of their home-roasted blends which you can also purchase as a take-home treat. You can even get their delicious blends delivered straight to your door with a fortnightly subscription. When you get named one of the best cafes in Melbourne, you know you’re on to a good thing.

2. Proud Mary, Collingwood, VIC

If you’re after some of the best coffee in Australia and you happen to be in Canberra, check out Barrio Collective Coffee. With their range of specialty brews and selection of sweet tasty pastries, you really can’t go wrong for a coffee break.

3. Barrio Collective Coffee, Braddon, ACT

Blackstar Coffee in Brisbane’s West End might be the best little coffee spot in town, but behind the scenes, there is a hefty operation going on. The brand offers a wealth of single-origin and espresso blends perfect for those who want to up their at-home coffee fix.

4. Blackstar Coffee, West End, QLD

The flagship New South Wales storefront for the iconic Australian roaster, Campos Coffee in Newtown is a perfectionist’s paradise. From expertly brewed lattes to the more experimental roasts, the cafe offers a little bit of everything. Best of all, this isn’t big business playing house. Campos Coffee is fully ingrained in the classic Newtown scene, and rightfully so.

5. Campos Coffee, Newtown, NSW

You can smell the beans before Mecca in Alexandria is even in sight. That’s because they roast on sight in their vintage Probat roasters, ensuring consistency and deliciousness. Check them out and even grab a bag or some pods to take home the next time you’re in Alexandria.

6. Mecca Coffee, Alexandria, NSW

This boutique roaster and retailer prides itself on sourcing beans sustainably from the best producers around the world. Market Lane Coffee’s roasting takes place at Prahran Market and only in small batches. The shop is where they serve seasonal coffee and where you can purchase your own supply to take home.

7. Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne, VIC

Led by a team of award-winning coffee roasters, Seven Miles Roasters delivers the goods by the cup. Not just one of Australia’s best coffee producers, the business also offers industry-leading coffee science, cafe support & sustainability programs. As they put it, it’s where art meets science to create exceptional coffee.

8. Seven Miles Roasters, Manly Vale, NSW

For the best coffee Australia has to offer, make your way to Melbourne’s CBD down Little Bourke Street and you find Patricia coffee brewers. A quaint coffee shop that really knows how to roast a bean and offers a range of delicious coffees and local baked goods. A perennial favourite for Melbourne’s caffeine addicted locals, Patricia has already you could want and a glass of sparkling water on top. If you’re looking for the best coffee shop in Australia, this may very well be it.

9. Patricia Coffee Brewers, Melbourne, VIC

If you are after some of the best coffee brands Australia has to offer, then The Cupping Room in Canberra is the answer for every coffee lover. Think cold drip filter coffee, pour overs, espresso and more, plus some superbly crafted reserve teas and blends, perfect for your next pick me up.

10. The Cupping Room, Canberra, ACT

Sensory Lab is a staple in Melbourne and Sydney and has now even opened up shop on the other side of the world in Central London. The little Collins street store is a cosy spot for sampling some of the best coffee in Australia and a tidy selection of coffee beans to take home with you.

11. Sensory Lab, Melbourne, VIC

Seven Seeds started way back in 2007 and eventually developed into the café-roastery model that it is today. You can check out their store in Carlton, sample all they have to offer and purchase their current range of espresso and filter coffee, which includes beans sourced from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil.

12. Seven Seeds, Carlton, VIC

Blackout Coffee in Brisbane’s Paddington suburb is nicely nestled in a laneway and offers a nice sunny spot to grab one of their coffees from their own roaster Black Lab Co. Grab a bag to take home and make your regular morning brew.

13. Blackout Coffee, Paddington, QLD

When looking for the best coffee in Adelaide, this little cafe is a sure winner. Try the delicious blends on-site and take home a bag of one of Monday’s Coffee stores meticulously roasted beans. Trust us when we say, this is one Monday you’ll actually look forward to.

14. Monday’s Coffee Store, Adelaide, NSW

When it comes to the best cafes in Perth, Blacklist is hard to go at. The Subiaco roaster opened its first ‘cellar door’ concept store recently, giving coffee lovers the option to sit at the filter brew bar and sip on rare and high-end single-origin coffees from crystal wine glasses. Much like a wine-tasting or whisky session, each pour accompanied by detailed tasting notes. They also offer an all-you-can-drink tasting menu, which extends across all blends and brew methods.

15. Blacklist Coffee Roasters, Subiaco, WA

It’s no secret Byron Bay is loaded with great Australian coffee shops, but Folk is one spot that is hard to beat. The food menu is driven by vegetables but the coffee here really shines through. With a focus on filter batch brew, traditional espresso, you can expect big, bold and robust flavours at this specialty coffee shop.

16. Folk, Byron Bay, NSW

Grab a freshly roasted bag for home from one of the best coffee brands in Australia. Whether you’re after a single origin pour-over, cold brew or espresso, Single O has got you covered. Head on down to their coffee shop on Reservoir Street to sample their many offerings or get it delivered straight to your door when you order online.

17. Single O, Surry Hills, NSW

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