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4 Best Positions for Safe Pregnant Sex | Man of Many

Some fathers-to-be want to hold onto their wife’s body for as long as possible before changes start to happen. With her boobs filling in and some new curves showing in her hips and waist, you’d be forgiven for wanting to jump her bones in the early months of pregnancy. However, the first trimester is also the time when morning sickness, fatigue and breast tenderness are most prevalent. Chances are, your partner may not be feeling all that attractive as her hormones take a turn. While access may be a non-issue, sex drive might be. So take it slow and do things on her terms.

Myth 1: The best sex will happen before she gets too big

Contrary to the cute belief that ‘that’s where dimples come from’, actually thrusting your penis into your partner during sex won’t dent the baby. Not to burst your bubble, but even if your penis is the longest in the locker room, it’s unlikely you’ll impact baby during any type of penetrative sex as your baby is well protected and sealed off in the amniotic sac.

Myth 2: Your penis will dent the baby

This one’s not true. Women will often see a heightened sex drive toward the end of their pregnancy, so talk about it and get to pleasuring one another! Sex right up until her due date will be safe – and fun – if the pregnancy is normal.

Myth 3: Her sex drive will be lowest toward the end of pregnancy

There is some truth to this. Breast stimulation, female orgasms and certain hormones in semen called prostaglandins (which are also released by the body in the case of injury or illness and used synthetically to commence labour) can cause uterine contractions and potentially bring on labour. However, a study of 1,100 women published in Great Britain’s Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Journal (2012) found good support for the idea that sex won’t induce labor.

Myth 4: Sex at nine months could trigger labour

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