AirTV Combines Netflix & Streaming TV with Network Television

Do you want to cut the cord with cable but keep all of your local programming? With Dish Network’s AirTV, you can do just that. AirTV is the first platform that combines streaming TV services, like Sling TV and Netflix with local programming. AirTV is a 4K Android streaming box, which provides instant access to apps available through Google Play, including YouTube.

With AirTV, you can watch Sling TV, Netflix and all of your local channels, including CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox, as long as these channels are available where you live. Although most televisions can already receive free channels with an antenna, AirTV is much more convenient. You get to skip the hassle of messing around with multiple devices, cords and antennas when you use this platform. In addition, you can use just one remote. The system comes with a Bluetooth voice-activated remote that has dedicated buttons for Google Play, Netflix and Sling TV.

air tv player with remote

According to AirTV, the player is selling for $99.99. There is no monthly fee to use it. You simply pay the $99.99 for the streaming box and another $30 if you want an adaptor to capture local channels. There are no setup or miscellaneous fees. A Sling TV subscription is not needed to use the service but you will not get warranty support unless you have a Sling TV account.

The AirTV player is available online right now for purchase. Because of the popularity of the box, there is currently a 2-week backorder.

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