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Bose ultra open earbuds

Bose and Kith’s New ‘Ultra Open Earbuds’ Redefines Audio Style

Though Bose headphones and earbuds typically prioritise features over subtle design cues, the company recently unveiled the Ultra Open Earbuds, a unique open-style pair designed in collaboration with fashion and lifestyle brand Kith that allows “you to enjoy your music uninterrupted while still hearing the world around you.” Aesthetic appeal is the driving force behind this new collaboration and there’s plenty to like here.

Available only in a sleek matte black colourway, these new Ultra Open Earbuds come with a pretty funky clip-on design that attaches to your ears while keeping the ear canal open, thus allowing ambient sounds to filter in. Bose says that these new earbuds come with “an innovative cuff-shaped design with polished, soft edges and a stunning finish,” transforming them into more of a fashion statement than just an “audio wearable.”

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Kith bose ultra open earbuds new
Bose’s New Ultra Open Earbuds in collaboration with Fashion brand Kith | Image: Bose

The familiar Bose logo has been replaced by the Kith logo, adopting the same lettering style and font on both the earbuds and the charging case. This collaboration marks Bose’s first venture into a partnership with a fashion brand. Instead of simply releasing limited-edition collab versions of existing headphones or earbuds, the company has chosen this collaboration to introduce an entirely new product, a welcome move.

When it comes to comfort, these earbuds go beyond the ordinary and can be paired (and will look great) with hats, glasses, or jewelry effortlessly, thanks to their lower ear placement. What sets them apart is the promise of heightened comfort and a commitment to “all-day wear,” offering a seamless experience where you no longer have to choose between staying connected to your surroundings and enjoying your favorite audio content. The earbuds also feature “a light-as-air grip” and “a flexible joint” for easy on-and-off wear, as Kith’s official website describes.

Bose ultra open earbuds
The Bose Ultra open Earbuds’ clip-on design sure looks painfully stylish | Image: Bose

Bose hasn’t revealed much about the audio drivers or the specs for the Ultra Open Earbuds and what kind of audio quality one can expect, but these earbuds will come with Bose Immersive Audio for spatial sound and “an additional suite of state-of-the-art technologies.” You can expect somewhere around seven and a half hours of playtime; however, no charging details were shared.

In an official press release, Ronnie Fieg, Founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Kith, said, “In one of my first meetings with Bose, I told them about how I have never been able to find earbuds that fit me. They then showed me the Ultra Open Earbuds, gave me a demo, and I fell in love. I truly believe Bose to be the best-in-class when it comes to sound, so having them be Kith’s official sound partner and bringing this product to market with them for the first time are important notches in our timeline.”

Kith for bose ultra open earbuds
Image: Bose

Talking a bit about the new collab, Jim Mollica, Chief Marketing Officer at Bose, said, “This is our first partnership with a fashion brand, and we couldn’t imagine a better choice than Kith. With this product launch, we’re bringing together two passionate communities that inspire one another — music lovers and fashion trendsetters — to show them they don’t have to sacrifice exceptional sound for fashion.”

You’ll only be able to snag the “Kith for Bose Ultra Open Earbuds” from Kith’s online and physical stores starting January 22. And they’ll supposedly only be available in “extremely limited quantities,” so you might want to hurry.

Bose ultra open earbuds
Image: Bose