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Husqvarna’s Satellite-Navigated Automower® Can Cut Our Grass Anytime

In Partnership with Husqvarna

There are few things as aesthetically pleasing as a perfectly manicured lawn. It’s the horticultural equivalent of a sharply tailored suit, helping you appear incredibly classy while simultaneously making you the object of considerable envy and admiration. However, without the proper equipment, enjoying the feel of an immaculate patch of green underfoot can come at the expense of a good deal of time and effort; hours spent toiling under the hot summer sun or rugged up against the chill of winter.

Fortunately, it has long been Husqvarna’s mission to make lawn maintenance as easy as possible. Now, with the arrival of three models across the Automower NERA range—the 320, 430X, and 450X—the Swedish manufacturer is combining its robotic mower mastery with the innovative EPOS satellite navigation system so you can sit back and relax as your Husqvarna does the work for you, handling even the most complex lawns with utmost precision. 

As our own head of social, John Guanzon, attested when trying out the 430X back in January, “It’s 2024 and we’ve got mind-blowing tech like transparent TVs and Apple Vision Pro headsets coming out, but it honestly still amazes me that I have an actual intelligent robot trimming my lawn every day, keeping it in tip-top shape without me lifting a finger.”

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Automower 430X NERA | Husqvarna

A Mowing Masterclass 

So what is the EPOS satellite navigation system? Well, while other robotic mowers require a perimeter cable to let them know where to mow and where not to, EPOS provides a wire-free way of guiding your mower to work within virtual boundaries. Using your smartphone, you can customise your Husqvarna’s work zone, outlining cutting and stay-out zones, so it’ll only trim the grass you want it to. This includes creating work areas with different mowing schedules and other settings to ensure your lawn receives optimal care. You can also create temporary stay-out zones that will protect seasonal flowers or spaces where children and four-legged family members like to play. 

But the EPOS satellite navigation system is just one example of how the Automower NERA range is at the cutting edge of robotic mowing. Not only are Husqvarna’s mowers capable of handling complex terrains and steep slopes, the 430X and 450X models can also be relied upon to steer away from unwanted objects they encounter on the lawn. After all, the last thing you want is for one of the kids to leave their bike out on the lawn, only for it to come into contact with the mower’s business end.

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Systematic Mowing Functionality | Image: Husqvarna

What’s more, Husqvarna’s Automower NERA range boasts systematic mowing functionality, giving it the ability to cut grass systematically in parallel tracks, with the end result providing a striking patterned finish, with parallel, chequerboard, and triangle patterns available (simply select your preference via the Automower Connect App). 

In addition to the appeal of seeing one of these patterns artfully trimmed into your immaculately manicured lawn, Husqvarna’s systematic mowing functionality has other benefits. These include increasing the mower’s work area capacity by at least 50 per cent on typical residential lawns, more predictable mowing times for designated work areas, and allowing for a flexible selection of cutting directions to ensure optimal area coverage and the elevated health of your grass.

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Automower® 430X NERA | Husqvarna

Intelligent and Integrated

Husqvarna’s mowers can also be integrated into your smart-home setup. They’re compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT for easy-to-use voice commands such as start, stop, and park, or you can get status updates from your mower by simply asking your voice assistant, use it in IFTTT routines and more. Plus, with Automower Connect you can integrate your robotic mower into your Gardena Smart System, which enables mowing and watering scheduling to work collaboratively to achieve the best lawn possible.

Further, the green credentials of the Automower NERA range go beyond the mowers’ ability to ensure your lawn is looking spick and span. As a battery-driven product, it doesn’t emit any CO₂, unlike the mowing category’s traditional petrol-powered products. While CO₂ emissions are generated in other stages of the Automower NERA range’s lifecycle, it remains an eco-smart choice for the environmentally minded. 

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EPOS Plug-in Kit | Image: Husqvarna

The Automower NERA Range

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Automower 320 NERA | Image: Husqvarna

Automower 320 NERA

Husqvarna’s Automower NERA offering consists of three models, starting with the 320, which has an area capacity of 2,200 m² and an RRP of AUD$5,998 with the EPOS satellite navigation system or AUD$3,999 without.

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Automower 430X NERA | Image: Husqvarna

Automower 430X NERA

Moving up the range, the next model is the 430X, with an area capacity of 3,200 m² and an RRP of AUD$6,898 with EPOS and AUD$4,899 without. 

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Automower 450X NERA | Image: Husqvarna

Automower 450X NERA

Finally, the most premium model in the range is the 450X, offering a massive 5,000 m² area capacity with an RRP of AUD$8,298 with EPOS and AUD$6,399 without.

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Automower 450X NERA | Image: Husqvarna

No matter which model best suits your needs, Husqvarna’s envelope-pushing mower technology will ensure your lawn has never looked better. With the ability to effortlessly customise where and when your mower gets to work and the peace of mind that comes with object avoidance and wire-free installation, maintaining that immaculate lawn can now be completely hassle-free. As John puts it, “the advanced robotic lawn mower is a beast of a machine.”