Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock

The team at Witti Design has made what may be the alarm clock of the future. Put quite simply, the Beddi Intelligent Alarm Clock is an intelligent smart-home alarm clock, present-ready and future-proof with all sorts of features to maximize the efficiency of your life. The list goes on and on – it is a bluetooth speaker, charges two devices and has Spotify integration to play playlists as an alarm. It knows your commute to give you traffic info, knows the weather to give you a daily update and can call an uber with one button press. Additionally, the Beddi can connect to three smart-home devices so you can program it to turn your lights off, start your coffee in the morning or change the temperature, all done automatically at a pre-wake up interval.

If that weren’t enough, the Beddi also looks good, with a sleek design that fits in 2015 just as well as it may in 2025. If you get in early on the Kickstarter, the discounts are quite substantial. For the smart-home user, it is an ideal connected alarm clock and for everyone else, it still packs a strong, feature-filled punch to justify the price tag.

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