Best HTC One M9 Cases

It’s been teased for the past several weeks, but finally, the world’s most beautiful smartphone has hit the market. No not the next iPhone. We’re talking about the lavishly attractive HTC One M9. An all-aluminium build mated with a two-toned metallic finish and sharp curves, the company’s latest flagship device is a supermodel phone that exudes sophisticated swag.

But if you’re all about preserving its fashionable looks, then you need a case to go alongside the high-price handset. Rather than scour the Net for a hot match, we compiled a collection of the most durable and stylish options out to help narrow down the selection process. Check out the 10 best HTC One M9 cases.


HTC Dot View Ice Case

htc rear view ice 2 colour case

HTC’s retro-interactive safeguard returns keeping intact its awesome 8-bit notifications and advanced features such as screening calls, receiving weather updates, and scheduling reminders without ever opening the flap. Wraparound protection holsters the phone in place and keeps it looking fresh in any of the three available colors: dark blue, black, and the personal favorite, Icy Blue.

HTC Dot View Ice Case ($37)


Pure-Gear Slim Shell

pure gear slim shell front and rear view

For the showoff looking to flaunt the full-on gorgeousness of the handset, enter the Slim Shell. This one-piece safeguard is constructed from flexible rubber and durable polycarbonate to secure the phone from daily wear and tear, while doubling as a window display to provide a view of the M9’s lustful cruves. You can either go with the all clear or see-through-black look.

Pure-Gear Slim Shell ($25)

Krusell Kiruna FlipCase

krusell kiruna flip phone case

With the summer approaching, who really wants to parade the streets with a smartphone and wallet stuffed in their jeans? Answer: No one. Hence why we recommend this hybrid case, which serves as both an ID/plastic holder and (what else) phone case. The genuine leather finish should appease business buffs and the magnetic closure keeps everything sealed.

Krusell Kiruna FlipCase ($37)

Otterbox Defender Series

otterbox front and rearview

Most mobilephiles are too overprotective with their smartphones. Cracking your iPhone screen on numerous occasions leads to such neuroticism. The reigning king of rugged protection has a solution for you in its industry-favored Defender series. Three-layer guarding case is engineered to be drop, dust, and shockproof. A screen protector is built in as well providing the M9 more security than any other case on the market.

Otterbox Defender Series ($50)


Urban Armor Gear Maverick

uag phone front and rear case

From build quality to style, UAG’s cases are cut from the same design cloth as HTC’s flagship phone. Its armour shell combines an impact resistant soft core with light composite construction to accommodate mobile protection. An HD screen protector comes bundled to protect the vibrant display from scratches, plus its solid rubberized grips practically make the handset clumsy-proof.

Urban Armor Gear Maverick ($35)


Incipio DualPro Shine

incipio dualpro white case

The DualPro Shine is the perfect sidepiece for the One M9 as it fuses form, function, and fashion into one durable shell. Its brushed aluminum finish is a nearly a reflection of the handset’s stunning craftsmanship, where as the “impact resistant ABS polycarbonate frame” with shock-absorbing dLAST TPE inner core secures it in high fashion.

Incipio DualPro Shine ($35)


Spigen Armor Slim Case

spigen slim armor protection case

Spigen’s two-tone shell compliments the affluent look of the M9 with attractive colorways that fall in line with the One line’s special tints. Though it’s easy to be drawn by its stylish presence, let’s not forget the Slim Case is an actual safeguard—one that features Air Cushion Technology for impact and shock absorption. The built-in kickstand is an extension of the case’s braggadocio, inviting users to watch videos comfortably when in travel mode.

Spigen Armor Slim Case ($30)

Tech21 EVO Check

htc one m9 phone back cover overview

The impact defense specialists managed to do something most case makers fail to accomplish—create a jacket with lightweight, thin form and sleek subsistence. Tech21’s unique hybrid FlexShock technology is specifically made to absorb and repel force. Then we have the interior check design that provides for a minimalist look for simple gents.


Speck CandyShell Grip

speck cases front side rear view

Speck’s infamous case gets the One M9 treatment. These modishly funky cases are feature raised rubber ridges that add an extra layer of protection on the exterior, making it harder for shock to penetrate through and damage the handset. The raised bezels do the same for the front. And the textured grips keep it locked into your hand.

Speck CandyShell Grip ($35)


Case-Mate Barely There

mate barely there case front and rear view

Case you haven’t already noticed, the One M9 is quite the hefty stunner. Though it’s a natural compromise for any phone chiseled from a block of aluminum. Case-Mate’s offering lightens the load with a featherweight and slim profile that lessens bulk to fit snuggly in any pocket. Metal button accents on the side also fall in line with the M9’s refined look.

Case-Mate Barely There ($25)