new scrab xyab mouse or gamepad

Bringing Your Game to the Office – Scrab XYAB Mouse/Gamepad

We all loved Transformers. Either for the concept of talking robotic vehicles that fight each other or for Megan Fox and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Designer Jan Winkels from Yanko Design created the Scrab Mouse/Gamepad that operates as your standard moving mouse for the day in the office, which then transforms into a gamepad as you open the mouse.

scrab xyab mouse or gamepad folding view

The XYAB controls and joysticks are revealed when the transformation is completed and are ready for your next battle. Just the same as Sam Witwicky, the mouse resembles his boring and socially awkward personality, while the gamepad reminds us of his transformation into Earth’s last hope to fight off the villainess Decepticons. Who knew that a simple mouse could be so cool? Well, I didn’t, and I’m nearly 100 percent sure you didn’t either. Only Mr. Daniels did, and I’m sure many gamers appreciate your unique creation. This sure is a mighty mouse.

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scrab xyab mouse or gamepad inner

scrab xyab mouse or gamepad one side inner