nikhil kapoor calculator 2.0

Calculator 2.0 by Nikhil Kapoor

Over the past couple of years, the smartphone has quietly killed off a bunch of gadgets. Some of the casualties of the smartphone include the alarm clock, camcorder, music player and calculator. Designer Nikhil Kapoor hopes to change the fate of the calculator with his newest gadget, the Calculator 2.0. This cool calculator might just make you want to own one again.

The Calculator 2.0 is not your traditional calculator, the one that you might remember from middle school. In keeping more with today’s more modern aesthetic, the calculator 2.0 breaks away from the traditional, overused design of the past. With a cool modern monochromatic look, the Calculator 2.0 looks good on any desk. The case is the opposite color of the calculator itself and when the case is on, just three keys of the calculator are visible.

calculator 2.0 outlook

In addition to looking nice, it is useful too, having all of the basic functions that you would expect to find on a calculator. One of the coolest features of the Calculator 2.0 is the smart strip that is located under the display. It detects finger motions. This makes it really easy to delete a step with a swipe of your finger.

The Calculator 2.0 is simple, yet classy. You won’t find apps, video games, or Wi-Fi on this calculator. What you will find is a timeless gadget that features a clean design aesthetic perfect for the modern office. The Calculator 2.0 is available in a choice of black or white. The equal key is the opposite color of the main calculator.

Check it out

slim calculator 2.0

calculator 2.0 edge architecture

calculator 2.0 black with white equal button

calculator 2.0 black display view

calculator 2.0 black erase button

calculator 2.0 black with white cover

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