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Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder

Leica Unveils M6 Analogue Rangefinder, its First New Film Camera in 8 Years

With the advance of technology, it’s easy to add bells and whistles to just about any device. In fact, you probably have a prime example of this in your pocket right now. Phones used to be just that—phones. But now, they are mini computers, gaming platforms, cameras, video recorders, business tools…and the list goes on and on. This technology creep happens in other industries as well, but sometimes it’s nice to just have the bare bones of what you need—a stripped-down, no-frills, old-fashioned tool that gets the job done. Leica’s M6 Analogue Rangefinder is just such a tool.

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Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder 0

Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica

The M6 is a 35mm analogue rangefinder originally produced between 1984 and 2002, however, this new reissue marks the first film camera Leica has launched in eight years. Leica stayed true to the original, keeping the body very similar in the reissue and maintaining the attributes and features that made the M6 popular. One example is the slanted rewind crank, which really brings in that nostalgic feel. But the inclusion of these original features doesn’t mean that the M6 hasn’t benefited from modern advances.

The light meter still has the dual arrow symbols that the original had, but Leica added a red dot to the new LED light meter. The 0.72x viewfinder—the same viewfinder in the Leica MP film camera—minimises glare due to a coating on the optical surface. There’s also a battery warning indicator so that you don’t have to guess how much power you have left. Leica also opted for solid brass instead of the original die-cast zinc for the top cover. The brass is covered with an abrasion-resistant black lacquer.

Leica offers the camera with an embossed leather strap, a stylish case, and paperwork (both of which are reminiscent of the original). The Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder is available starting November 3 and retails for $5,295.

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Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica

Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder 5

Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica

Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder 7

Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica

Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder 9

Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica

Leica m6 anaologue rangefinder 2

Leica M6 Analogue Rangefinder | Image: Leica


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