Don’t Call it a Comeback – GoPro Hero5 Session

Fans have been eagerly anticipating the newest models from GoPro and in just a few days they will anticipate no more. On October 2 GoPro will release the Hero5 Black and the Hero5 Session. Both new models will offer even more of that generous mobility that users have come to expect from the brand, along with some stunning new features.

gopro hero5 session camera in the hand

For those who thought GoPro action cameras couldn’t possibly get more accessible, think again. The Hero5 Session is not just small, compact and mobile, it now comes with voice control and one-button activation. Yes, that means with the utterance of a few words or the touch of a button your GoPro will go…pro (sorry, had to do it). Additionally the Hero5 Session (and Hero5 Black) will be equipped with built-in waterproof capability–no more external casing for those underwater dives up to 33 feet. Both the Hero5 Black and Session are also offering new tiers of audio clarity by way of enhanced background noise reduction, and both cameras include premium 4K video (not a new feature but still pretty sweet).

gopro hero5 session camera on the helmet

While the Hero5 Black is poised to be GoPro’s new show dog the Hero5 Session offers plenty of the same features and a significant drop in price. However, along with that price cut you do lose some still image features such as RAW capture and 12MP resolution (the Session offers 10MP resolution instead). Some have reported that the audio quality on the Session is inferior the Black as well, so if you truly must capture every sound when you go tumbling down that embankment stick with the Hero5 Black. Otherwise the Hero5 Session will do you action camera lovers just fine.

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