Eksovest Bionic Exoskeleton Could Save Billions

The Eksovest Bionic Exoskeleton could change the construction and manufacturing business by simply helping to prevent the nearly $21 billion per year in workplace-related injuries. To see how that might be possible, raise your hands above your head and hold them there for as long as you can. How long did you last? No imagine doing that all day, every day but while holding a piece of equipment. Eksovest helps alleviate the load—literally—for operations that require your hands and equipment to be at chest level or higher. You simply slip Eksovest on and the structure and the bionics then help carry the weight of your arms, putting less strain on your arms and shoulders. The vest provides about 5 to 15 pounds of lift when the springs are activated.

Companies are already seeing a savings from the Eksovest. For instance, Ford partnered up with Ekso Bionics to outfit workers in two plants with the Eksovest. These workers lift their arms an average 4,600 times per day, which ends up being roughly 1 million times per year. All that lifting can result in fatigue and injury. At the plants, Ford noticed that with the vests workers were competing jobs to a higher level of quality and in shorter time, which boosted both productivity and morale.

If your days are filled with overhead work, especially with any heavy tools or materials, the Eksovest Bionic Exoskeleton may be what you need to avoid injury and fatigue.

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