Explore Deeper than Ever Before with Blueye’s Pioneer Underwater Drone

The Blueye Pioneer underwater drone can dive eight times deeper than the average scuba enthusiast and is perfect for explorers of all backgrounds who want to discover what lies beneath the ocean. Best of all, pre-orders are now open.

Created by Cairns-based Blueye Robotics, the Pioneer drone can dive up to 150 meters deep even in the harshest ocean conditions and has capabilities that were previously found only in expensive professional equipment used by filmmakers, oceanographers and the military.

Thanks to the Blueye Pioneer’s HD wide-angle video camera that works in lowlight conditions, explorers will see true-colour images, overcoming the problem of how colours change below 16 feet underwater.

blueye drone powerful led lights

Developed in the harsh conditions of the Arctic Ocean, the Pioneer is extremely easy to use and produces high-quality, highly stable video using powerful LED lights and a HD wide-angle video camera. A digital dive mask with full smartphone resolution also provides a realistic underwater virtual reality experience.

The technology is being pioneered (excuse the pun) by Great Barrier Reef Legacy, who embarks on a 21-day expedition to explore the Reef’s most remote, unexplored reaches and assess the region’s declining coral reef corridor.

“We are looking forward to using Blueye’s Pioneer drone to help us better understand the changing nature of this fragile ecosystem, especially on the deeper slopes where divers simply cannot access,” said Dr. Dean Miller, Head of Science and Media, Great Barrier Reef Legacy.

“This gives us a whole new way of understanding how the whole ecosystem has responded to heat stress and will provide the first detailed look at deeper coral habitats.”

blueye drone full smartphone resolution

Fifty underwater Pioneer drones were also recently purchased by the Norwegian Society for Search and Rescue, and others are being employed by the New York Harbour School to clean up the Hudson River.

The Pioneer drone is currently available for pre-order through Blueye Robotics and will be shipped in Q2, 2018. Who knows, maybe you’ll find James Cameron down there…

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