FedEx Same Day Bot

Amazon made big waves when it announced the idea of using drones to deliver packages. Now FedEx is deploying its own with the FedEx Same Day Bot. The robot, which looks like a large cooler on wheels, is aiming to help retailers accept orders from local customers and then delivering those orders to homes or businesses the same day. The box is capable of hot or cold items, and is completely autonomous. Trials will be starting in the Memphis area, with big names like AutoZone, Lowe’s, Pizza Hut, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart signing on.

FedEx bot

“The FedEx Same Day Bot is an innovation designed to change the face of local delivery and help retailers efficiently address their customers’ rising expectations,” explained Brie Carere, executive vice president and chief marketing and communications officer for FedEx. “The bot represents a milestone in our ongoing mission to solve the complexities and expense of same-day, last-mile delivery for the growing e-commerce market in a manner that is safe and environmentally friendly.”

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FedEx teamed up with Deka Development & Research Corp. to build the delivery bot. The bot can travel on sidewalks and roadsides, and can navigate many obstacles, including rough and wet terrain and even stairs. It also has pedestrian-safe technology, and is zero-emission. The move is a smart strategy for the logistics company, especially since many companies that compete with Amazon are hesitant to use its delivery services. This could open up a huge market for FedEx.

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