Future Sexy Love Sounds – The BeoSound 1 & 2

Don’t worry. You didn’t fall asleep in a time machine and jump forward a few years. And no, these speakers were not designed by an alien race. The BeoSound 1 & 2 Wireless Speakers from Bang & Olufsen just look that cool, brilliant silver cones that seem like they might levitate and fly out the window as soon as the mothership comes calling. But don’t worry about that either–these babies aren’t going anywhere unless you want them to.

beosound 1and2 wireless speaker durable aluminium shell

The BeoSound 1 & 2 Wireless Speakers are all part of B&O’s plan to deliver a new tier of versatility without sacrificing one iota of craftsmanship or performance. Both models were designed with the goals of unparalleled 360-degree sound, optimal mobility and seamless integration, all within a supremely durable aluminium shell.

Toward the upper end of each speaker is an open space created for better acoustics and the cone itself rests slightly above floor-level to ensure none of the bass gets trapped. Lurking somewhere underneath that futuristic silver sheen are proximity sensors that can detect when you’re approaching, and there’s a user interface allowing you volume control by twisting the sphere and music control by swiping your finger along the top. The speakers sync with various mobile devices and apps and directly integrate with streaming services like Deezer or Spotify as well, thereby eliminating the need for a smartphone or tablet.

beosound 1and2 wireless speaker top side

The difference between the 1 & 2 is size and power so if you’re looking for only the best in orgasm-inducing audio then stick with the 2. Of course the less expensive (though still pretty expensive) 1 will do you just fine as well. Both are included in B&O’s broader Multiroom portfolio so bring these speakers home and introduce them to some long-lost relatives like you’re hosting a gadget-centric counterpart to Toy Story that spans the whole house.

“We live in a time of cord cutting where everyone wants more freedom,” says Marie Kristine Schmidt, Vice President of Brand, Design & Marketing at Denmark’s Bang & Olufsen. She’s not kidding. Top-shelf speakers don’t get more liberating than the BeoSound 1 & 2.

beosound 1and2 wireless speaker outlook

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