Google Password Checkup is an Essential Chrome Extension

Keeping your information safe and secure is not only a wise idea, it’s imperative. With so many people bent on stealing identities and private information, you need to step up your game. Chrome is making it easier to do so. Google announced a new safety measure for keeping your passwords safe—Password Checkup. The new extension keeps you informed on sites that use your password, like Gmail, Amazon, eBay, and Netflix. Using the extension, you’ll be notified if any of your passwords have been compromised. The checkup looks into the number of lookups from unsafe credentials, any alerts about password changes, and which domain is generating those data points. This added security comes at a great price—free.

Like any security measure, the extension shouldn’t be your only measure of defense. Google still recommends using different passwords for each site that you visit. Passwords should also be long, unique, and random. It’s also a good idea to change your passwords at least every six months. There are plenty of password managers out there that can help you keep track of all those passwords. With some 62 percent of online users utilizing Chrome, it makes sense for Google to provide the extra service, especially as a free service, to keep users safe. That ounce of prevention will definitely be worth a pound of cure.

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