Google Pixel Stand Doubles as an Amateur Smart Home Device

Wireless charging is all the craze these days, and who is Google to miss out? Enter Pixel Stand, the tech company’s new wireless charger, which works in tandem with any Qi-compatible device. However, don’t mistake this nifty accessory for a mere charging station. Indeed, when paired with the new Pixel 3 (or Pixel 3 XL), the setup takes on an entirely new dimension. While perched upon the charger, the Pixel 3 not only delivers an audio-visual experience, but basically becomes a Google Assistant-powered smart home device.

google pixel stand on the table

Whether you want to sleep without being disturbed, wake up to a digital sunrise, syncronise your phone with other smart home devices, play a slideshow of photos, listen to music, or so much more, Pixel Stand and Pixel 3 will make it happen. Furthermore, if you have a Nest Hello video doorbell, and someone is at the door, the feed will display automatically on your Pixel 3. Of course, these are just a few among the numerous benefits offered when the two gadgets are working in conjunction with one another. Meanwhile, your Pixel 3 is powering up the whole time.

Google Pixel Stand rear

To anyone wondering if you’ll get all those personalised perks when you charge the Pixel 2 or other Qi-compatible devices on Pixel Stand, the answer is: no, you will not. On the other hand, Pixel Stand will give those devices a quick and wireless charge, which is pretty much what you bought it for in the first place. In other words, this thing is win/win.

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